Porter, Texas



Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming is offered in the following neighborhoods: Riverwalk, Cumberland, Valley Ranch, Tavola, Auburn Trails, and Oakhurst. Prices start $30 more than salon pricing (please check below for reference). 

Mobile grooming is designed for maintenance grooming. Clients must stay on a monthly reoccurring grooming schedule to get on a mobile grooming route.


Pet Hotel

Dog Boarding Rates (Per night):

Deluxe Room 8x5 (indoor only): $36

Executive Room 8x6 (w/ private run): $46

VIP Room 12x6 (w/ private run): $56

Additional dogs in one room:

2nd: $20

3rd: $10

(plus tax)

Cat Boarding Rates (Per night):

Condo: $25 

Vaccine Requirements:

Dogs: Rabies, DHLPP, & Bordetella

Cats: Rabies & FVRCP

Doggie Daycare:

Monday-Saturday daily rate: $33.26 + tax

TUESDAY SPECIAL: $23.09 + tax

Availablity varies on overnight boarders. Please contact us at least 24 hours prior to request daycare. 


Salon Grooming

Full Grooming with Haircut


  • Haircut

  • Blueberry Facial

  • Bath

  • Anal Gland Expression

  • Brush/Blow Dry

  • Ear Cleaning with Hair Removal

  • Nail trim with filing 

  • Doggie Cologne

  • Bandana/Bow






Prices start at:

XSmall $60

Small $70

Medium $80

Large $100

XLarge $120-150

Bath & Brush


  • ALL OF THE ABOVE except haircut

  • De-shed (if applicable)

  • Sanitary Trim






Prices start at:

Short Hair

Small $35

Medium $50

Large $80-100

Long Hair

Small $55

Medium $80

Large $100-120

Add Ons​:

  • Nail Painting $8

  • Teeth Brushing $8

  • Paw Balm $5

  • Special Shampoo $5